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   Donation System


This is our community's donation system. It is fully automated and you will receive your VIP Package in just minutes. you are able to buy various packages,

They may include anything from VIP ranks to custom classes. All donations are used to help expand are every day growing community and to keep the servers up and running.




Q: How long does it take to receive the VIP/Money I have Purchased?

A: Usually 2-3 Mins in-game, rejoining the server is instant


Q: What is a Custom Class?

A:  Read all about it here


Q: How long does it take for my custom class to be added to the server?

A: 1-3 Days


Q: After buying a custom class what do i do?

A: You will submit your Request here

NOTE:   If you Do Not Post a thread with the Required Details, You will NOT get access to your Custom Class. 

Donating means you are accepting our Terms Of Service

There are NO REFUNDS after a purchase is made, if you think you deserve a refund PM Boobie (Owner)

We also do not accept chargebacks! You will be Permanently Banned

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