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Server Announcements / Downtown RP Changelog
« on: November 15, 2017, 12:03:33 PM »
November 18th 2017 Update

● The Movie Theater & News Reporter System are being Temporarily Removed due to high amounts of players crashing

November 15th 2017 Update

●  The Radio Host now has the feature to Transmist Messages globally by using /transmit
●  News Reporter System with reporter job and news camera, You can purchase Televisions via F4, Reporters can use /report to Broadcast Live Reports to the public

Community Announcements / STAFF TRAINING GUIDES
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:55:09 AM »
All pre-staff are required to read all of these threads and understand them very well
Failing to do so, will result in a instant demotion

Staff Precautions (MUST READ)  -  12/22
(click to read more)

Community Staff Strike System (MUST READ)  -  10/29
(click to read more)

Forum Ranks (MUST READ)  -  9/16
(click to read more)

Ranks & their Roles  (MUST READ)  -  9/0
(click to read more)

ULX Commands Guide  -  5/21
(click to read more)

Server Discussion / POLICE JOBS ONLY: Checkpoints
« on: April 23, 2017, 02:17:32 PM »
Here is a Example of what a Police Checkpoint should look like

- One Entrance is blocking cars, and the other entrance is to let people through. You can block the entrance on the right with a fading door & keypads 
- The players must be able to jump over the Barrier. You can also use keypads and fading doors for blocking cars.

Your checkpoint dosent have to look exactly the example shown below, it just has to follow the rules of making one.

Community Announcements / Staff Strike System
« on: October 30, 2016, 03:39:52 AM »
Community Staff Strike System

This is our 4 Strike Warning System for ALL Staff Members
All Strikes will be Logged and any Staff Member that receives a strike will be Watched Closely & Talked too by Higher Staff

Strike 1
Warning / No Demotion

Strike 2
Will be Observed Very Closely / Temp Demotion (3 - 15 days)

Strike 3
Will be Observed Very Closely / Temp Demotion (15 - 30 days)

Strike 4
Permanent Demotion

NOTE if we feel, you messed up hard enough, to skip all the strikes, then you will be Instantly Demoted. No Questions Asked

If any staff is caught banning a player without taking them to a sit and talking to them, and finding evidence. They will be Instantly demoted.

Community Announcements / Administration & Staff Precautions
« on: October 30, 2016, 03:09:28 AM »
Any Staff that are seen Not following these Precautions Will get a Major Staff Strike!

NOTE (Ex. of the correct way to deal with a first offence)
when you jail someone for breaking the rules, you must goto them and talk to them about what they did
and make sure they understand why there being jailed, then warn them, while they are jailed, then leave them in jail it will auto unjail them once the timers up
 If the person proceeds to break rules again, after you have jailed / warned them, Only then can you Kick or Ban them

Remember, don't ALWAYS think you need to give out a punishment. Give chances, be nice, and have empathy. Every player should be treated differently depending on the situation and how they respond. There is no Specific way to handle a sit.

RDM (1 or 4 people)
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail
[Second Offence]: Kick or Ban

Prop Block
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail
[Second Offence]: Kick or Ban

Staff Disrespect
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail or Mute/Gag
[Second Offence]: Kick or Ban

Prop Climb
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail
[Second Offence]: Kick or Jail

Public Radio/TV
[First Offence]: Warn & Jail
[Second Offence]: Blacklist or Jail

Mass RDM
DO NOT need to Warn or Jail them before Banning & Kicking

Spawn Prop Block
DO NOT need to Warn or Jail them before Banning & Kicking

DDos Threats
Instant Ban

If any staff is caught banning a player without taking them to a sit and talking to them, and finding evidence. They will be Instantly demoted.

Server Announcements / All Server Content Packs
« on: October 09, 2016, 12:49:58 PM »
Click On whichever Content Pack you are in need of & you will be linked to download it

Downtown RP Content

Community Announcements / Forum Ranks
« on: September 16, 2016, 05:25:38 PM »

Leave a comment to get your forum rank, if i didn't already assign it to you

Community Announcements / Rank Roles
« on: August 31, 2016, 09:43:47 PM »
Here is a list of all Ranks & their Roles, as well as a description on what each rank does and their authority in the community.

Community Owner

● Deals with the most major issues of the community / servers

● Does NOT deal with small issues

● A Community Owner should only be contacted if something serious is happening or the server is being hacked

Community Manager

● Oversees the community

● May handle all forum categorys, such as Player Reports/Appeals/Staff Apps

● Main Focus is making sure all lower Staff Ranks are doing their jobs

● Give interviews for new staff / promoted staff

● Look at Abuse Reports about staff / handles them

Server Manager

● Their main job is to watch over the server they are assigned to.

● They should be looking for any kind of issues, such as crashing problems, exploits. Then bring these issues to the Community Manager or Owners

● They are required to be on the forums looking at staff applications and ban appeals/requests.

● They do interviews for potential staff members along with Staff Directors.

● They should be watching all staff members on their server. Including Senior Admins / Staff Directors

● If there is a staff abuse issue bring it to these guys first, then follow the chain of command up.

● Has all permissions from the rank below aswell

Staff Director

● Accept/Deny New Staff Applications

● Watch over all staff ranks, up to Senior Admins

● Give interviews to new staff

● May handle abuse reports / player reports

● Has all permissions from the rank below aswell.

Senior Admin

● Senior Admins deal with most of the servers big issues, such as mass rdm/propblock/prop spam/crashing server

● They should be leading by example to other staff members, taking calls and responding in OOC to questions players may have.

● They should be promoting RPLand and the forums to players, as well as Admins, Moderators and Trial Staff.

● Make sure that VIPs, Golds and Lifetimes are getting the service they are expecting.

● Help other staff, especially newer ones how to do their job and use ULX.

● Try to promote others to become staff, letting Server Managers know about them too.

● Must be on the forums & server actively.


● Just like Senior Admins they should be promoting the forums to players & helping the community in any way they can

● They will deal with all king of issues the server will have.

● They should be taking as much calls as they can, especially when other staff may not be on.

● Admins will be watched very closely by Community Owners / Managers


● Moderators are just like admins, except with fewer ULX powers such as noclip.

● They should be striving to be what is said above with Admins and Senior Admins. Especially if they want to be promoted.

● They will deal with all kinds of issues the server will have.

● They should be taking the most calls, think of it as respecting your elders, try and take the job off the admins.

● Moderators will be watched very closely by Staff Directors / Server Managers

Trial Staff

● These are people who's staff apps have been accepted and are on a trial period before they are full Moderators.

● They should be extremely active and working hard in-game to make sure they reach full Moderator status.

● They should be asking for help from other staff, learning the ropes on how to do their job.

● They are on a probationary status, meaning if they do not show potential/good work they may be demoted back to member/VIP/whatever they were.

Staff Applications / Staff Promotion Application Format
« on: July 24, 2016, 09:37:13 PM »
You must read these rules before applying for a promotion!

- Must have not been promoted or gotten staff in the past 30 days

- Must have atleast 50 hours on the server

Please follow this format:




How long have you been staff for?

In 250 words, Why should we promote you, over others? (we check wordcount)

In 150 words, why do you feel you qualify for a promotion?

Organizations / Organization Rules (MUST READ)
« on: July 10, 2016, 02:15:54 PM »

If you plan on having an organization on any one of our servers, you must comply with all the following rules.
If you do not like or understand the necessary steps required to be followed, then you probably shouldn't purchase this package.
This package is meant for people who have had one before, or knows how to set one one professionally.

- You must create an Application Format that your new applicants must fill out, and it requires atleast 8 questions.
- One of the questions must include a word count no less than 100 characters. (ex. "How could you benefit our org Explain in 100 words")
- Must include a Pomotion Application Format. So new members can access more jobs
- You must have a roster/list of all your members, so we know who is in the org and who isnt
- Cant be whitelisted for all jobs, unless you are the co-owner or owner or you have been promoted all the way though
- Theres only 1 job per promotion. that means you cant get promoted to to have access to all jobs, you must work your way up.
- The Default wait time between Promotion & Applying applications is 5 days by default (changable but no less than 6 days)
- New members will need to make a promotion app, to move higher/access in ranks/jobs
- Nobody can be whitelisted unless accepted by the owner of the organization

Custom Classes / Custom Class Perks
« on: June 18, 2016, 10:11:22 PM »
In-game Custom Class Perks

Active Camo  $70
Disguise Kit $60
Jetpack $50
Nomad (unlimited ammo) $25
High Tech Lockpick $20
Katana Sword $20
Combat Knife $15


Access to Weed Growing - $15

Access to Meth Cooking - $15

Access to Gun Shipments - $20

Access to Chemistry Lab - $10

Bounty Service Access  - $15

Bank Heisting - $10

50% Armor - $10

100% Armor - $20


To purchase a Perk, Visit the Donate tab and click 'Custom Order' and input the amount you are buying.
Then you must include the perks you bought inside the Custom Class format or Make a separate post


Organizations / Organization Perks
« on: June 18, 2016, 09:24:36 PM »
In-game Organization Perks


Extra Slot - $5

Extra Job - $20

Access to Gun Shipments - $20

Access to Black Market - $20

Able to Cook Meth - $15

Able to Grow Weed - $10

Able to purchase Chemistry Lab to make Drugs - $10

Extra Weapon - $10

Extra Misc Weapon - $15+


To purchase a Perk, Visit the VIP/DONATE tab and click 'Custom Order' and input the amount you are buying.
Then you must include the perks you bought inside the organization template format.


Server Announcements / Downtown RP Update 6/4
« on: June 05, 2016, 02:13:05 AM »

  • Removed Gas Station NPC, it broke... after the recent gmod update, plus noone robbed it anyway
  • Removed PermaProps
  • Changed Tickrate back to 16, Less Strain on the CPU, also makes shit more smooth when the server gets lots of players
  • Added 3 New Jobs, Radio host with DJ Menu via F1, Buyable Radio, The Precursor, New Majestic Pets
  • Added Back the Warning System
  • Removed Bong & Laser Rifle for now, seeing if it makes an improvment to the server
  • Made a Death Log Script for only Staff to see, that displays who killed who, inside the chatbox, so you don't have to got console
  • Made Reaper a VIP only Job
  • Made all EVIL Jobs have 1 life, due to minges just rdming everytime and breaking NLR
  • Removed the Grappling Hook due to it breaking overtime
  • Added a New HUD, Temporarly
  • Replaced our whole donation system with a faster better working one.
  • Made a Trusted Rank, able to votekick & voteban
  • Added Craftable C4 for Miners
  • Reduced Server Files Download size by 50 MBs
  • Updated DarkRP to latest version.
  • Changed Rate Values AGAIN, Improved Connection / Sever Performance
  • Removed the Live Radio, Since it only played cancer music from cancer websites and no one used them anyways.

Server Announcements / Downtown RP Update 5/27
« on: May 28, 2016, 12:54:36 AM »

  • Re-Made the Organization Tab, looks alot nicer now
  • Added a Quest Tab, you can now access quests though F4. but you still have to goto jill to complete it
  • Fixed not being able to pick up tv's hosts TV & News Reporter TV
  • Made Dementors only have 1 Life, since people would constantlys kill people & break NLR.
  • Removed Light Sabers & Darth Vader Job, it was one of the things that has the biggest impact on FPS & server lag.
  • Made Weed Pot & Battery UI have a Disappear Distance, was causing major FPS Drop.
  • Added back the old darkrp Player Info Display above players heads, because of Disguises Not Working Correctly.lag
  • Accidently had 2 Weather Systems Installed. Removed one, increased FPS.
  • Fixed the News TV Render Distance, was rendering through the whole map when used & caused FPS drop.
  • Customized the Banks UI to have a Disappear Distance because of FPS Drop & i also made the bank text Green.
  • Moved the Weed Dealer by the Bar Area to help with Entity Lag.
  • Re-Designed the Shipment UI to look Nicer and more simple & also have a disappear distance to increase FPS
  • Made the Mayor Law Board UI have a Disappear Distance to increase FPS, since it renders through the whole map.
  • Removed the 'Drug Buyer' NPC, since no one used it, only job that could sell to it was Chemical Scientist, and barley anyone plays that job. plus theres lots of other ways to make money.
  • Finally Added a Warn System, You now get 5 Warnings, if you exceed the limit you will be Kicked.
  • Created a script to Enable Multi-Core Rendering, It Increases FPS by 10-20

Server Announcements / Downtown RP Update 5/23/2016
« on: May 23, 2016, 04:13:07 PM »
5/23/ - 5/25 ● Changelog
  • Removed Organization NPC & instead made it accessible through a tab in F4, the less NPCs on the map the less Entity Lag.
  • Made Printers UI have a disappear distance now, instead of rendering through the whole map causing FPS drop.
  • Added a New Bank Robbery System, because the old one was unoptimized an caused FPS & Entity Lag
  • Removed the Sun from the Weather System completely because of Entity Lag
  • Moved Meth Addict & Weed Buyer to other side of town due to entity lag because of too many entities being in such a small area.
  • Massively reduced our server file download size to 118.889 MBs, before it was around 400 MBs. Now players will join lightning fast.
  • Made a Script to automatically clean up world props and other useless things in the map, upon start up. result = Reduced entity lag
  • Removed a shit load of useless data files
  • Changed around server rate values, Helps Player Connectivity.
  • Removed the Red Light from Weed Lamps, because of high FPS drop
  • Disabled the Skybox from changing to Night Time because of Entity Lag Spikes.
  • Finally fixed the kidnapper weapon so the player dosnt appear above their knocked out body anymore.
  • Created a script to remove all TV's & Radios with a command, it causes lag overtime if theres a bunch of unused tv's and radios siting around
  • Added a New Nicer HUD, the other one caused slight fps drop
  • Added a sexy new MOTD with lots of help links
  • Removed 2 corrupt models, that might be causing clients to crash & not join
  • Moved the Mine Areas to the suburbs area to help reduce entity lag in the city
  • Fixed weird lag spikes that we were getting before.
  • New Advert System that dosnt display the players name anymore & has neon green text instead of yellow
  • Moved the Raidable Stack of Money inside the PD
  • Moved the Banks inside the PD aswell
  • Removed Bank Manager & Bank Security Jobs
  • Changed the Server Tickrate from 16 to 22, Going to see how this does..
  • Replaced the 50 useless suit models with 2 new Hitman & Agent Suit Models, to reduce server file download size. Went from 50 MBs being downloaded to 1.235 MBs
  • Removed useless entities from the laser gun, idk why there was a rpg that you cant even spawn .. smh..
  • Our server now only has 13 Workshop Downloads in Total, I packed all the Content into about 10 of thoes files instead of there being 70 seperate workshop downloads.
  • Changed the inventory system to tmysql4 instead of mysqloo, for better & faster connection performance

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