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Life / Re: holidays
« Last post by Fox McCloud on Today at 12:42:14 AM »
awww :l
Life / Re: holidays
« Last post by FaZe Doggo on February 17, 2018, 09:27:30 PM »
alas, here in the tundra of nebraska its been -30 out the past few weeks with the exception of a day or two going up to 40 degrees  :P

(ive still had class every day :( )
Player Reports / mass rdm, vip abuse + more (stay tuned audience)
« Last post by FaZe Doggo on February 17, 2018, 09:24:59 PM »
Which Server did this happen on? darkrp

Your SteamID/In Game Name: faze doggo

Players SteamID(Or Steam profile)/In Game Name: (VIP) Salt (STEAM_0:1:121122397)  他妈的你约翰ツ (STEAM_0:1:181595609)

What happened: vip votekick abuse / demote abuse/ mass rdm/ nlr just to kill again/ no raid advert/carjack advert/ i think thats about it, maybe more though. you can check logs and find out more too. some of this i didnt get on recording however.
People did crash the server last night too but thats while i was finishing this recording so i couldn't record while it was rendered

Around what time did this happen: 11:00 pm cst  2/16/17 (i didn't get to edit until today)

Evidence (Required: Screenshots, videos, ect.):<--- 他妈的你约翰 tried to mass rdm but cant aim well enough, sometimes he did kill a few people though on other attempts. (warn abuse/carjack advert/ mass rdm attempt) <-- Salt shooting people randomly, throwing molotovs randomly w/ no advert raid. warn abuse after im going away just to kill me.

What punishment do you think they deserve for their actions: all permabans
Life / Re: holidays
« Last post by Sasquatch on February 17, 2018, 08:06:33 PM »
Enjoy your heat, Chile Fox :P We're expecting a balmy -16 F here in Montana come Monday ;) Thank god we have class off that day

Suggestions / Fedudo's suggestions
« Last post by Fedudo on February 17, 2018, 05:24:21 PM »
I got a couple ideas for the server so ill try to make it as simple as I can  ;D

#1: Experienced Demotes - Have at least a couple hours on the server before earning the ability to /demote (To ensure that they are interested on the server)

#2: Public Damage Log - Sometime when admins are not online people go as a class with Invis cloak and kill people from a distance while Invis (to prevent people from seeing their names). People could check logs to see who killed them. The logs would show who was killed, by who, the time (customizable), with the amount of damage dealt (This would also include armor). This would be proof for mass rdm.

#3: Stop hours from being reset - I am aware that this might not be easily fixable. When hours are reset (in tab) it acts like how many hours it shows, is how many you have. (Example: When my hours reset I couldn't go as  a CIA DIVISION DIRECTOR because my hours reset and it I need at least 24 hours on it)

#4: Re - add VIP ONLY bans - Vote kicking minges aren't enough, they can always re-join. From what I have seen, if they are kicked, arrested, handcuffed, kidnaped, or anything else to prevent them from doing what they can to ruin other's fun, they leave and come back. Similar to #1, they require a certain amount of hours AS WELL AS VIP. TBH I just want vote - ban to be back.
Staff Applications / Re: foxy staff app
« Last post by Fedudo on February 17, 2018, 03:30:22 PM »

I have never seen fox break the rules and seems very active on forums and the server. He seems to have fun building on the street, giving it an extra pizzazz. I also see him helping out other people when they need it. I think having this guy on the staff team would be a great idea.
Player Reports / Re: pretty obvious hacking
« Last post by Fedudo on February 17, 2018, 03:09:31 PM »

I agree that this guy is cheating. It sounds like he is using a desert eagle when he firsts shoots you (0:12)
 I know from experience that deagle shots are hard to hit  when you are spamming.  The chances of him hitting you from that distance (when you respawn) and landing EVERY SINGLE SHOT on you is very small.
Life / holidays
« Last post by Fox McCloud on February 17, 2018, 12:46:15 PM »
im chile we are in the middle of holidays, its too hot and fuck, to overrpass that i drink time to time a cold beer or i swim in my pool.
i hope you all are having a good day, u.s.a has a different shedule, since now they are in school c:
Custom Classes / Re: Class Maker (QUICK METHOD)
« Last post by JosiahFTW on February 17, 2018, 08:42:51 AM »
Name: JosiahFTW
Was this item already purchased: Yes
Package bought: $15
Role: Criminal
Class name: J0J0
Class color: 85, 255, 43
Lockpick or medkit: Lockpick
Class model:
Class loadout: Katana,PickPocket,Desert Eagle
Did you donate for extra: No
Custom Classes / Re: Stix's Custom Class (Fixed)
« Last post by Hoot on February 17, 2018, 03:38:09 AM »
Sorry about the late reply, your class has been added i've also added an extra weapon due to the delay :)
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