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Military RP Rules
« on: September 28, 2016, 08:35:18 PM »


Taliban are allowed to KOS U.S. at any time.

U.S. Is NOT Allowed to KOS Taliban, unless they have a weapon out or if there is a War taking place, or a Takeover is happening

Do not Randomly Shoot if you are inside the Base, if you are outside that is fine.

You must always listen to a Higher Rank, if they command you something

Team Killing is NOT ALLOWED AT ALL! You will be Banned Severely if caught! (This includes shooting/destroying your team's cars.

General Server Rules:

1. Disrespect, harassment, sexual harassment, trolling, prejudice, bullying, and racism will be not tolerated.

2. Hacking, exploiting, or cheating in any way is not allowed.

3. No microphone spamming. (Playing sounds or music for an extended amount of time).

4. No chat spamming.

5. Do not impersonate staff members.

6. Do not evade or avoid punishments (Walking off when an admin pulls you to a sit, or logging off while in a sit).

7. Do not advertise period. (The only links or IPs you may post in chat must be a part of RPLand)

8. You cannot have a name made up mostly or entirely of Unicode or special characters.

9. Please keep vulgar content (Swearing, joking, etc.) to a minimum.

10. Do not prop climb, surf, spam, kill, push, block, and trap. Also, do not use the ability to sit on props to your advantage in any way. (Using them to glitch through walls)

11. If you are AFK, you will be kicked after long periods of time. Using any tool to get around this is not allowed (macros, autoclickers, ect).

12. If you are a VIP, do not voteban or votekick if a staff member is online (Unless they are AFK).

RP Rules:

4. Do not FailRP (The act of failing to role play your current job within the scope of the rules). If you are being kidnapped, you cannot call for backup, IF they stripped your radio or weapons

5. Do not randomly demote others (Demoting a player without reasoning). You only need to demote when a staff member is unavailable or not online.

6. Do not spam the knock function constantly to annoy others.

7. Do not body block unless it makes complete sense in the context of role-play.

8. No setting printers somewhere normal players cannot reach.

9. Do not RDM friends in public. If both players are okay with fighting or killing each other, it must be done where no one else is around, as well as where no one can see.
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