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Custom Class Information / F.A.Q
« on: October 01, 2016, 01:56:00 PM »
Custom Class Information Center.

What is a Custom Class?
Well you pretty much get your own personal job that only you can use
unless you request slots for your friends.

You will get the options of
1 primary gun and 1 secondary (extra weapons are $10 each)
lockpick or medkit ($15 for both)
Choose own Role: U.S./Taliban (have to pick one)
Custom Job color
Custom job name/description
250k in game cash
Custom Workshop Model (IF Purchased custom model package)(MUST be a Military Player Model)

I want my friend to have access to my custom job, how can i do that?
Adding extra slots to your custom class will have a fee of $5
Post about it in the Custom Jobs category.

Model Change / Requests
If you want to change your custom model for you class there is a fee of $10.
Post about it in the Custom Jobs Category

Adding Extra Weapons
Extra weapons are $10 each