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Staff Strike System
« on: October 30, 2016, 03:39:52 AM »
Community Staff Strike System

This is our 4 Strike Warning System for ALL Staff Members
All Strikes will be Logged and any Staff Member that receives a strike will be Watched Closely & Talked too by Higher Staff

Strike 1
Warning / No Demotion

Strike 2
Will be Observed Very Closely / Temp Demotion (3 - 15 days)

Strike 3
Will be Observed Very Closely / Temp Demotion (15 - 30 days)

Strike 4
Permanent Demotion

NOTE if we feel, you messed up hard enough, to skip all the strikes, then you will be Instantly Demoted. No Questions Asked

If any staff is caught banning a player without taking them to a sit and talking to them, and finding evidence. They will be Instantly demoted.
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