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After signing into your account, You can visit the selection of packages we have in our Server Store here

How Long till I Recieve my Package?

It depends what Package you decide to purchase. VIP, Cash, and Credits are auto transfered to your account within 2-5 mins Other packages will require you to make a Post on our Forums first before being added

What is a Custom Class?

A custom class is a job that ONLY YOU can play as. It will include weapons and misc options which you will get to choose

Frequently Asked Questions

How to i get Credits?

There are multiple ways to earn credits, You can view the available credit packages we have located in our store, or you can Exchange your in-game DarkRP money for Credits. Another way is completing Quests, Events or playing on our server

Is Paypal the only option?

You can use the debit / credit card options that are used inside of paypal, other than that we unfortunately do not support anything besides paypal currently.

Refund Policy

Donating means you are accepting our Terms Of Service There are No Refunds after a purchase is made, if you think you deserve a refund PM Mister (Owner) We also do not accept chargebacks, You will be Permanently Banned