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Title: Hey Sas!
Post by: Undead Power on February 22, 2018, 08:44:16 PM
1. What is your Steam name & ID?:Undead Power

2. What is your RPLand name?:Undead Power

3. Do you understand that you must start as a Random Bystander and then can apply for any other position (after 5 days)?: Yes

4. What is your age?: 15

5. Hours on GMod: 170

6. Hours on the server:60

7. What is your favorite color?:Blue :3

8. Do you have a woking mic?: Yes, Just doesn't use it that much

9. What job would you like w/in the org? (Meth Maniac, Bounty Blocker, Lockdown Violator, Trusted Friend, Random Bystander):Bounty Blocker

What do you bring to the table? (In other words, why should you be accepted?) (minimum 100 words): I Think I should be accepted, because I have experienced the rules, in the form of what to do and what not to do. I'm joining the Organization to Contribute to that experience, to try to spread it around :). I bring my skill or what I want to be in my conclusion to myself, is a learner. I'm still learning about the community as the people suggested me to. Some of the things I like to do is protect the town as a cp (thats why im reguraly trying to vote myself to be a Cia). I think this group will help me learn the community more and support the rules even better. I also think it would help me keep being active on the forums and the server, so I commit my application to all of this. Idk if this is 100 words, but i tried!

Tell us about yourself (No word requirement but a little blurb is appreciated :) ): Hello im undead power, if you get to know me, im pretty much stupid and idiotic :D. Some people may know me as a "Work in progress" Which i agree on. I'm usually kind when im on a good and bad mood. I pretty much spend most of my time on gmod/ Dark Rp. This is my main Dark rp server to play on :). :D

Title: Re: Hey Sas!
Post by: seen ghosts on February 22, 2018, 08:45:31 PM
meet me ingame for invite
Title: Re: Hey Sas!
Post by: PsychoPie on February 23, 2018, 08:47:15 AM
Welcome to the org Undead! I hope you enjoy your stay!