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Meth Cooking Guide / Tutorial for newbies
« on: April 15, 2016, 05:01:29 AM »
Meth Cooking Guide

First Step:

Purchase a Stove from the F4 Menu

Second Step:

Purchase a 'Pot' From the F4 Menu

Third Step:

Purchase 'Liquid Sulfer' & 'Muriatic Acid from the F4 Menu

Fourth Step:

Place Ingredients into the Pot then place on Stove

Fifth Step:

Purchase a Jar from the F4 Menu, along with 'Muriatic Acid' & 'Liquid Iodine' & 'Water'

Sixth Step:

Place Ingredients into jar, Then shake profusely till its Ready

Seventh Step:

Extract the 'Red Phosphourus' from your Pot cooking on the stove it when its Ready and the 'Crystallized Iodine' From your Jar when you have finished shaking it, Then purchase a Special Pot from the F4 Menu

Eighth Step:

Place the 'Red Phosphourus' and 'Crystallized Iodine' in the Crystal Meth Pot then place on stove - You can Place up to 20lbs of Red Phos & Crystal Iodine The more you put, the more $$ you get from the dealer

Ninth Step:

When the Meth is finished cooking, press 'E' to extract the meth

You end up with some Crystal Meth Press 'E' to pick up

Go to the Dealer to earn some money
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