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!menu (it opens the ulx menu if your having a hard time using a command on the player)

Teleporting Commands

Shortcut Keys: @ is when you look at the player to use the command on them, * is to use the command on all the players, and ^ is to use the command on yourself

You don't need to type in their full name like for example if their name is MountainRush type !goto mountain or !goto rush
!goto <playername> (you teleport to that player)
!bring <playername> (you teleport that player to you)
!return <playername> (you return the player to their original position after being teleported)
!teleport or !tp <playername> (you teleport a player)
!send <fromplayername> <toplayername> (it teleports that player to a different player)

Punishment Commands

Time Limit Bans: a number with no letter next to it is minutes, h is hours, d is days, w is weeks, m is months, y is years, and 0 is permanent
!jail <playername> <time> | !unjail <playername> (a cage block appears at the player and traps them until the time expires)
!jailtp <playername> <time> (it teleports the player and jails that player until the time expires)
!freeze <playername> | !unfreeze <playername> (it makes the player unmovable and can't use any items)
!gag <playername> | !ungag <playername> (it mutes the player's microphone)
!mute <playername> | !unmute <playername> (it mutes the players in chat)
!warn <playername> <reason> (its to remind the players that are being warned for violating a rule)
!kick <playername> <reason> (it kicks the player out of the server)
!ban <playername> <time> <reason> (it suspends the player from the server or if its permanent the player will never join back)

RP Commands

/logs (it opens the logs to tell what the player is doing)


Teleport Commands

!spectate <playername> (it spectates the players to be watched)

Extra Admin Commands

!noclip (fly around the map & can go through walls)
!god | !ungod (make yourself immortal)
!uncloak <playername> (it clears the player's invisibility)

RP Commands

/admintellall <say> (it announces the important message to all players)
/forcecancelvote (it cancels the jobs & demote votes)
/arrest (it forces a player to be arrested)
/unarrest (it forces a player to be out of jail)

Force Job Console Commands

Some jobs needs to be updated but this is the list


!cloak <#> (makes yourself invisible)
!fireoff (it clears all the fires)


If you need to bind a command just type this in console: bind <key> "say <command> @" (quotations are included)

gag- bind <key> "say !gag @"
mute- bind <key> "say !mute @"
jail- bind <key> "say !jail @ 200"
noclip- bind <key> "ulx noclip"
god- bind <key> "ulx god"
ungag- bind <key> "say !ungag @"
unmute- bind <key> "say !unmute @"
unjail- bind <key> "say !unjail @"
ungod- bind <key> "say !ungod @"
spectate- bind <key> "say !spectate @"

Make sure you looked all of this, it's easier to help
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