Author Topic: M@J0R PLEB's Cult Application  (Read 535 times)

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M@J0R PLEB's Cult Application
« on: July 17, 2017, 06:25:58 PM »
1. How old are you?
17 years old

2. How many hours do you have on RPLand?
134 hours

3. Are you in the CJC? (Circle Jerk Crew)
Yes, I am a jerker :)

4. Do you have a mic?
Yes, I have a mic.

5. Do you have Discord?
Yes, I am in your discord already :)

6. Are you VIP?
Yes, and I have a CC as well.

7. Who do you know in the CJC or in Cult88?
NightKnight, Taco Bell Sauce, Godswrath, Benson, FLiz

8. Are you willing to dedicate your life to our God?
I will dedicate every hour of my life to our God.


Why do you want to be in Cult88? (Minimum 100 words):
I wish to be included in Cult88 for many reasons. I have been playing with Godswrath and the others for quite a while now, and pretty much any time I am on the server, I am with CJC. When I found out that Gods put even more of his hard earned money into making us all an OP and fun organization, I became overjoyed and decided I would apply as quickly as possible. Being in Cult88 will allow me to continue to actively RP with my friends, have a more active role in the server, and over all will improve my RP experience.

How can you benefit this org? (Minimum 100 words):
 I can benefit this org by maintaining an active role in it. I am a ( somewhat ) regular player on RPLand, so I will be on for the majority of the time that the cult is. Additionally, I will be able to use my ingame skills to help our cult out with its tasks, whether that be building a base, kidnapping people, providing support, or just being a boss( pleb ), I will be there to help. With the combination of availability, the ability to help out the cult, and my knowledge of G-mod and the server itself, I will be an excellent addition to Cult88, allowing us to serve our God with more ease than ever.

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Re: M@J0R PLEB's Cult Application
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Re: M@J0R PLEB's Cult Application
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Re: M@J0R PLEB's Cult Application
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+1 Luv you <3

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Re: M@J0R PLEB's Cult Application
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Welcome to Cult88! Get ready to kill for our God. ;)
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