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Custom Class Information / F.A.Q
« on: May 20, 2016, 01:55:22 PM »
Custom Class Information Center.

What is a Custom Class?
Well you pretty much get your own personal job that only you can use
unless you request slots for your friends.

You will get the options of
1 primary gun and 1 secondary [Workshop Package gets a choice of 2 Primarys] (extra weapons $10 each)(auto shotguns & heavy machine guns $15)
lockpick or medkit ($10 for both)
Choose own Role: criminal/police (have to pick one)
Custom Job color
Custom job name/description
400k-600k in game cash
Custom Workshop Model (IF Purchased custom model package) (MUST BE UNDER 10MBS in size)

What are the Rules of a Custom Class?
Having a custom class does not give you the ability to RDM anybody because you have OP weapons, you still must obey the rules of the server at all times.
 if we feel like you are abusing your class we will have it removed. You are no different than other players or classes.

I want my friend to have access to my custom job, how can i do that?
Adding extra slots to your custom class will have a fee of $10.
Post about it in the Custom Jobs category.

Model Change / Requests
Weapon changes - $10
Model Change - 10$

Post about it in the Custom Jobs Category

Adding Extra Guns
Extra Weapons are $10 each & auto shotguns are $15

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