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Staying Updated - latest updates
« on: November 29, 2017, 01:20:52 PM »
April 4rd, 2018

Gang Territory's / System
You can now earn Gang EXP and level up your Gangs
Has the ability to take over uncontrolled/controlled Areas of the map owned by other gangs
You can earn exp by winning territory battles or completing the achievements

Attribute Perks
You can view a list of the available attribute perks you can upgrade your player with
Perks include things like, Heath Regen, taking less damage, spawning with more health/armor, ect ect
You earn these / upgrade them through getting Experience Points
You can be rewarded EXP from completing Quests/Mining Gems/Confiscating illegal items as a cop/completing events ect ect

Clothing Shop
The Clothing Shop has been added back and is located in spawn
it contains a wide variety of hats/masks/misc items to wear
Certain Clothing comes with a Small Perk Boost of Health, speed, armor, and jump power
All Clothing Bought is Permanent

Changes & Fixes
Sacrificing as been fixed
Voting Removed for multiple jobs

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