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PsychoPie.png Application
« on: February 03, 2018, 03:52:50 PM »
1. What is your Steam name & ID?:
Steam name: PsychoPie.png
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:71832552

2. What is your RPLand name?:

3. Who is the org member that invited you? (If none, then answer Random Bystander for #9):
Random Bystander

4. What is your age?:

5. Hours on GMod:

6. Hours on the server:

7. What is your favorite color?:

8. Do you have a woking mic?:

9. What job would you like w/in the org? (Meth Maniac, Bounty Blocker, Lockdown Violator, Trusted Friend, Random Bystander):
Random Bystander (Due to no one inviting me)

What do you bring to the table? (In other words, why should you be accepted?) (minimum 100 words):
What I believe to bring to the table of Evo City Squad are my loyalty and trust. As I'm looking for an organization to join, I would want to give it my best. Another thing I can bring to the table of Evo City Squad is my skill with weapons. I believe that my skills can help the group out with defence and offence if needed. And lastly why I think I should be accepted into Evo City Squad is my experience with roleplaying. I take roleplay serious and enjoy to RP as different classes/roles. This is why I think I should be accepted.

Tell us about yourself (No word requirement but a little blurb is appreciated :) ):
As a High School student, I spend most of my time studying and finishing assignments. Other than that, I like to spend my spare time drawing cartoons and play video games. Outside school, drawing, binge watching shows and playing video games I would volunteer at my local church with Camera and lighting tech.

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Re: PsychoPie.png Application
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2018, 04:47:03 PM »
Welcome Aboard!
Due to no one else being in the org, hows about you get access to a character? ;)
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