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Gimme that booty
« on: February 04, 2018, 11:14:43 AM »
1. What is your Steam name & ID?: Bafo STEAM_0:0:60535830

2. What is your RPLand name?: Bafo

3. Who is the org member that invited you? (If none, then answer Random Bystander for #9): Sasquatch

4. What is your age?: 17

5. Hours on GMod: 1748

6. Hours on the server: 171

7. What is your favorite color?: Blue

8. Do you have a woking mic?: Yes

9. What job would you like w/in the org? (Meth Maniac, Bounty Blocker, Lockdown Violator, Trusted Friend, Random Bystander):
Gimme that Org Officer spot love <3

What do you bring to the table? (In other words, why should you be accepted?) (minimum 100 words):
Alrighty, listen up. I am a Moderator on the server, so I know how to follow the rules and make sure others do too. I am very active as well, and am willing to help out however needed. Furthermore, I know how to get the good-mula, my total assets are worth over 10 million green bois as of now. I live the thug life and don't stop for no softies sitting in my way. Real talk, I just wanna have a chill time on the server in the best organization around. Sasquatch is my bae and I want to be in the same org as him  I know my way around, so I'd love to join the Evo City Squad. <3

Tell us about yourself (No word requirement but a little blurb is appreciated :) ): I'm Bafo.
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Re: Gimme that booty
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2018, 12:14:18 PM »
Welcome Aboard!

Org Officer it is my boi :D Squad up 100

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