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Applying for evo city squad
« on: February 05, 2018, 09:29:29 PM »
1. What is your Steam name & ID?: Fox McCloud

2. What is your RPLand name?: Fox McCloud

3. Who is the org member that invited you? (If none, then answer Random Bystander for #9): random bystander

4. What is your age?: 25

5. Hours on GMod: 1496

6. Hours on the server: 968

7. What is your favorite color?: Blue Saphire

8. Do you have a woking mic?: yes

9. What job would you like w/in the org? (Meth Maniac, Bounty Blocker, Lockdown Violator, Trusted Friend, Random Bystander): Random Bystander

What do you bring to the table? (In other words, why should you be accepted?) (minimum 100 words): i know the rules. I had help multiple times when someone is breaking rules. I like to be the tank or defense of the team or clan protecting the base and others to provide safety and achieve the goals. I act in a mature way also and i dont get mad easily.
I have been an old player in this community and i would like to be apart of this nice squad to have fun with the other members and enjoy it a lot. Im also pretty much active and friendly. I can help protecting the base where we will stay or assist in the raids. And provide assistance when need it.
I woyld like to be in this clan to help and take part of the biggest events when they are unleash and also bring good and funny moments . I can also provide with weapons or ammo or distracting the enemy as a sacrificial goat :p

Tell us about yourself (No word requirement but a little blurb is appreciated :) ): well im foxy im 25 i have been here since 2016. I have been playing in the server a lot. I like to help and assist others who need it. Im in college and since im in holiday right now i got free time to spend. i like to watch tv . Hear music and go out for a drink time to time with my buddies i also like anime series like dragon ball super :p

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Re: Applying for evo city squad
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2018, 10:12:57 PM »
you'll be a bystander. After 5 days you can apply to be a trusted friend. Be sure to be active in the both forum and server. Sasquatch will get you in the roster.