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kkslider818's Mega ideas
« on: March 06, 2018, 05:17:53 AM »
Ok, the only other person ik, that had like 15 ideas was bafo. So im going to try to beat him.

Event Ideas:

1) Zombie apocalypse== I feel like the alchemist isnt treated fairly so i think think that whatshould happen is that say a zombie infects someone they have to go to an alchemist and they can make a potion to cure that zombie.

2)Air Drop==An airdrop land across the map, and 1 person will have to stand on the drop for 120 seconds, when it happens they get a slight gift (Ranging from maybe a ruby-Diamond or a Gun such as a RPG)

Items To be added:

1)VIP Keypad Cracker=I have spoke of this in another post but in general, keypad crackers take so long, and when people make multiple makes you want to die. I feel like there should be a VIP Keypad Cracker for VIP's Only

2)Areas Strike= This gun is only achievable by buying it. There should be another way to get it.

3)The Light tool= Some places on the map are really dark, and when you base in them it just sucks in general. I feel like the Light tool shouldn't be banned, i dont get how it can be abused.

4)Cluster grenade=I will explain which class will use this.

Jobs to be Removed/Added


1)Mutant:This is just a class that is plain DEAD. I have never seen anyone use it. I have changed to it and it says there is a harpoon but i never saw it.

2)Reaper from hell=Never seen it, i dont even think you can be it. I know you need to be sacrificed but is there like a 5% chance of being it.

3)Dead Custom Classes=Some people just want to get to there custom class, but they need to scroll over the thousand unused Classes. Others love some of the custom classes and i feel they should just be auctioned. If nobody wants it then it should be trashed.


1)Advanced Hacker=This is plain simple, Keybad cracker=TO SLOW. VIP's want better.

2)SWAT Heavy= He should have the areas strike and a cluster grenade, have 150% armour but be really slow. (Only accessible to VIPs)

3)Chemist=I know this is being added, but i really want to sell my PCP and heroin.

4)Dog Lord=the name should explain it. It is just a bigger dog that controls all the wild dogs.

Now Ideas In General:


2)Mega bases should have to include 7 people

3) A separate Mining like area and the mining lady inside the mine

4)Disguise kits can be inventoried

5)Meth to be used with a Physgun-IMPORTANT

Thats really it, thank yall for reading this if you have. Plz leave a comment what you think and your going to ask "Why is everything VIP only". Well you want to encourage others to buy your VIP, when they see all this amazing stuff for VIP, they go "Wow, i want to be a SWAT Heavy, Let me buy the VIP". Some stuff you will disagree with and i wont get affected. I just really want this to be looked at by community Owners :)
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Re: kkslider818's Mega ideas
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 05:35:20 AM »
I just realized you can buy the Areas Strike for 50k in the VIP shop...RIP :)

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Re: kkslider818's Mega ideas
« Reply #2 on: March 06, 2018, 05:07:01 PM »
Custom classes are frequently removed and then re-uploaded. Players that don't use a cc have their class removed then come back request it to be added again and never come back for it.
The lamp and light tool cause extreme lag and are easily abused.
Physgun meth is extremely unfair and a general bad idea. It could mean several issues. If meth spawned as a personal prop then only the owner could target it making it unraidable if someone wanted to steal your supplies. If it spawned as a world prop then users would have the ability to target world props and move npcs. A separate whitelist would have to be added to the server cancelling out fpp blacklist.
Megabasing is fine however it is just heavily abused. Currently megabasing requires enough players that each person owns one base inside the zone. If you base off a tunnel you only require one person. If you base off the warehouse district you could need 7 minimum (I think off the top of my head. Maybe 6) this rule is just frequently broken and ignored. Adding a minimum mega base player limit would only effect tunnel ends.
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Re: kkslider818's Mega ideas
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2018, 09:11:11 AM »
For light tools, you could just make it so theres a max of only 2-3 lights. For physgunning meth how about just making it so you cant freeze the meth but you can move it around atleast.