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Useful in-game Commands
« on: June 10, 2018, 10:06:45 PM »

Useful In-game Commands

/invholster will auto inventory whatever weapon you have out
/trade <playersname> will start a trade with whoever you are looking at
/roll will gamble a random number
/help will bring up the Help menu with many links
/911 will notify all emergency units to your location
/showid shows your personal I.D information
/map Brings up the Town Map
/check <name><amount> will make a personal check for the persons name put
/advert will make an advertisement displayed to all players in the chat box
/give <amount> gives the player you are looking at money
/drop will drop your current weapon
/dropmoney <amount> will drop however much money you want

Radio Host
/transmit is used to notify all the players about upcoming songs you are going to play or whats currently playing

Movie Manager
/announce is used to tell players when you are about to play a movie
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