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Guide for all Quest!
« on: August 09, 2018, 08:59:48 AM »
This guide will include instructions for all 7 Quest that are available on the server.

Quest 1: Operation Takeout
This quest is pretty basic. It requires you to find 3 boxes of Chinese takeout. The spawns for these boxes are always static and will always re-appear in the same place.

Box 1 (Meth District Parking Lot):
Box 2 (East Tunnel Leaving Meth District):
Box 3 (North of tunnel from Park to Police Station):

Rewards: +100 Bonus Health, +90 Bonus Armor, $5000 Cash, AR2 Pulse Rifle + 1 AR2 Orb (Pulse rifle alt fire), Rare Plant, and 10 Credits


Quest 2: Bomb Hunt
This quest requires you to visit the Police Station. You will have to access the second door in the police station, so let any Police know this so that you don't get arrested or killed.

Step 1: Enter the Police Station, proceed through the second door and take a right to the locker room. -
Step 2 : Pickup the bombs on the floor. Their Spawn is always static to this area. -

Rewards: +50 Bonus Health, +50 Bonus Armor, $9000 Cash, Plantable TNT (Can Destroy doors or props), Rare Plant, and 10 Credits


Quest 3: Fuel Tank Fill-UP / Lost Wrench Visit the Vehicle Upgrade Man and click "You Looking for work?" -
This quest can be one of two missions chosen at random. One mission will require you to find a missing wrench in the meth district, the other mission will require you to go the Gas Station and retrieve Fuel.

Fuel Tank Mission
Step 1: Head to the Gas Station in the Suburbs. -
Step 2: Go to this fuel tank at the gas station. -
Step 3: Press E over and over until it says that you're all fueled up. Keep pressing until you get that message. -
Step 4: Return to the man and press E to turn in the quest.

Rewards: $15,000 Cash, Parts Stripper, Rare Plant, and 10 Credits

Wrench Retrieval Mission - This mission will instruct you to head to the meth housing district and look for a lost wrench. The wrench can spawn in 4 locations.
Location 1:
Location 2:
Location 3:
Location 4:

Rewards: $20,000 Cash, Wrench (Car Repair), Rare Plant, and 10 Credits.


Quest 4: Hacking -
This Quest requires you to head into the police station and enter through the second door and to the right where the secretary office is.

Computers: The computers can be found inside the secretary office. (Generally 1 spawns on the left and 1 spawns on the right.) -

Hacking: Pressing "E" on the computers will start a time delayed hacking process and make you instantly wanted. -

Rewards: +50 Bonus Health, +50 Bonus Armor, $20,000 Cash, Rare Plant, and 10 Credits


Quest 5: Watermelon You Say? -
This quest requires you to search for 4 lost watermelon. They will always spawn in the park area near Spawn.

Location 1: Some will spawn here. -
Location 2: Some will spawn here. -

Rewards: +85 Bonus Health, +75 Bonus Armor, $5600 Cash, Part Salvager Tool, Rare Plant, and 10 Credits


Quest 6: LSD Delivery - This mission can be obtained by a Job that has involvement with drugs. I.E. Meth Cook, Drug Dealer, Weed Dealer -
Find the drug dealer between downtown and the meth district. Choose "You take anything else?" -
He'll instruct you to meet his LSD dealer at the Gas Station in the suburbs. -
(The LSD Dealer will leave after 5 minutes, so you can fail this quest if you don't meet with him in time. - )

Step 1: Head to the Gas Station and talk to "John" and select "You the one with the LSD?" -
Step 2: He'll drop a suit case. -
Step 3: Press "E" on it to disperse the LSD tablets. Take one tablet by pressing "E" on it (Required to finish the Quest). Pick the rest up with inventory Pickup-
Step 4: Walk to the drug dealer, drop the LSD tablets from your inventory and use the gravity gun to place them onto his body. He'll eat pickup the tablets and drop $5000 per tablet. -
Step 5: Press E on his again after dropping the tablets. He'll give a rare plant and either a Marijuana Bong or Mushroom Planter. - -

Rewards: $5000 cash per LSD Tablet, Rare Plant, Marijuana Bong (OR) Mushroom Planter, and 15 Credits


Quest 7/Secret Quest: Obsidian Mining
This quest is stupidly rare based on the fact that the rock you can only mine Obsidian from spawns very very scarcely. (I've seen it once in 5 days)

Step 1: Find Obsidian Rock. It will be all black. It spawned in the Suburb area near the regular rocks for me. -
Step 2: Mine the Rock entirely until it vanishes. You should be met with a Quest notification saying that you just found Ultra Rare Obsidian and to head to the Gem Seeker for a big reward.

Step 3: Head to the Gem Seeker near the fountain in the main city and she'll give you $40,000 Cash for the obsidian, 20 Credits, and a gun called Dual Elites. - Guns Pictured Here -

Rewards: $40,000 Cash, Dual Elites, and 20 Credits


That concludes my Quest Guide.
Hope you guys enjoyed and found it helpful!
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Re: Guide for all Quest!
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Awesome Guide!
chiken nuggers ar mi favorit

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Re: Guide for all Quest!
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Great work

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Re: Guide for all Quest!
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Thanks man!