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Fricks Staff Application
« on: September 09, 2018, 09:25:29 PM »
Are you VIP?: Yes, Gold.
RP Name: Frick
Steam Name: Frick
SteamID: STEAM_1:0:7966110
Age: 15
Hours Played on Gmod: It says 243 but I have much more, but something happened and reset my hours for all of my games.
Hours Played on Server: Before last update (Where we lost some perma weapons and hats) around 100, but now 30.
In at least 300 words, why should we allow you to join? (we check wordcount)

Whenever I'm playing without an admin online, there's so much chaos and anarchy with the RDM's, NLR's, RDA's just to name a few, and the VIP Golds cant do anything about it. Whenever we kick someone, they come back on. There's situations that can only be solved with a jail or ban, not with a kick or demote. I've had first hand experience with Admins, and seen there ability too calm people down, to solve the toughest problems, to make that chaos and anarchy disappear, and make the server a lot more enjoyable. Without admins, the server gets so hectic that I just stop playing whatsoever, until an Admin joins. Sometimes, Admins don't come online for hours on end, and I want to keep peace during those hours. So many people hate the server because of the things people do, and Admins don't do anything about it because they're not on to do anything. When I was writing this, I checked back on the server to see what was going on, and when I got back on there were no Admins, and people getting mad over rule breakers. I've had enough of rule breaking, and I want to put a stop to the madness that I call my favorite server. Vote kicking and Vote Demoting don't solve problems, and I want to solve them. I've showed this server to some of my friends, played with them on here. They don't any longer because of the stuff that goes on. They hate getting raided by the same person every two minuets, or walking down the street and getting randomly killed or arrested. The reason I stay is because I can handle it. I avoid the same raider, and I avoid the streets that so many people get RDM'd on. It's not that I avoid these problems, its because I cant do anything about it. I want that to change. And all while having fun.

In at least 250 words, why do you qualify for this position?

I think that I stay cool in situations, don't lose my temper to the rule breakers. I try to solve the problem before someone makes it work. At my school, I'm a grade A student who stays on top of my work (Yes I'm still I'm High school), so I'm available most of the time. School work is not an Issue. I think that I'm pretty friendly to everyone who plays, and I usually don't break the rules and I remind the people who break them to follow the rules. I've never been banned and always been friendly to staff, which I plan to continue. I play on the server as much as I can, mostly during Friday and the weekend. I'd say that i'm pretty dedicated to this server, and I know most of the community, and I'm mostly known around the community. I wont hesitate to punish anyone who breaks the rules, including my friends and companions. I cannot play during mornings during the week due to school, I get out of school at 3:25 CT, and get home around 4:00 CT. After I do chores and Homework (Although I usually get homework done in-class), im ready to play around 4:30 CT. During weekends, I usually wake up around 10:00 CT, and am online around 11:00 CT. I am dedicated to this server, and am willing to give up time to work as an Admin. I think that I would be able to help the server greatly and change the chaos that goes on.

What admins are usually on when you are on the server?:
Axew, Frostdraw, KN1N3, Salt

Quick Test - (Only 1 answer can be correct)
(example - Answer: I pick Question #3)

Question #1.
You get a report of somebody rdming
1. You look at logs & see multiple killings from the same person, you then proceed to ban/kick them without taking a sit
2. You bring both the person who made the report & the reported person to a sit & try to resolve the issue with logs, talking to them, or any kind of visual legit evidence of the reported offence.
3. You hear a bunch of people saying that a specific person is breaking the rules, you then proceed to ban/kick them without talking to them or taking a sit
Answer: 2

Question #2.
You see somebody prop blocking somebodys house
1. You bring the person who is prop blocking the persons house, and tell them to remove their prop or else they will get warned / jailed
2. You immediately just kick or ban the person prop blocking
Answer: 1

Question #3.
You get raided while basing as a meth cook, but you don't see a advert raid and you get killed / raided
1. You look at logs & see who raided you, you then proceed to ban/kick them without warning or taking a sit
2. You bring the person who raided and forgot to advert, and you notify them their wasnt a advert & warn / jail them
Answer: 2

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Re: Fricks Staff Application
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2018, 09:35:17 PM »
The other day, you were advertising your application..

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Re: Fricks Staff Application
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2018, 10:04:33 PM »

Also, I don't see him on a lot.

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Re: Fricks Staff Application
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2018, 08:14:43 PM »
That friend is because of my frequent name changes. You might of seen me but with a different name.

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Re: Fricks Staff Application
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Not Active Enough

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Re: Fricks Staff Application
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2018, 10:47:46 AM »
Thats fair, thanks.