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h_ghay's admin application.
« on: September 26, 2018, 06:55:21 PM »
Are you VIP?: Yes (Normal VIP)
RP Name: h_ghay
Steam Name: h_ghay
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:116651727
Age: 14 (not 15 yet)
Hours Played on Gmod: 2161
Hours Played on Server: 328 (hours reset so it shows only 28)
In at least 300 words, why should we allow you to join? (we check wordcount)
(310 words)

I believe that I should be admin/mod on this server for multiple reasons, first of winch is that I am very active on this server. I go on this server almost every day and a lot of times there is no admin/mod on leading to chaos. I would try to be active much more than other admins are so I could help the server I love. A second reason I should be an admin is that I am very helpful to other players. I will drop money to newer players and give them advice, or I will just teach others about the server and try to make their Rp land experience better.  While not 15 or above I find that I am very familiar with the servers rules and know most of them by heart. I want to make sure people are following the rules while not being too strict on them with punishment,  my goal is to make a server which spirals into mass rdm and minge once admins/mods leave less chaotic and more player friendly.
If you ask most users they will portray me as a positive person who likes helping the server. I have also seen admins/mods doing their work in sit such as Axew, and Frostdraw which I am friends with. I hope to help out this server by becoming staff so that i can watch over the server when others don't.
Mostly when I'm on the server it will be flooded with rulebreakers, and I wish to stop that. I find this server to be one of the best when people follow the rules, but when they don't the server is a place no one would want to RP.
 I wish to Join the staff as an Admin/mod to make this server better for players, and to stop rule breakers.
In at least 250 words, why do you qualify for this position? (153 words)
I think I qualify for this position because I have read all Staff/Normal rules and am very aware of when even the tiniest rule is broken. Another Reason I believe I am staff worthy is that I am very active (previously stated). Why only 14 I find that I am mature enough for this position and will be able to help the server out with its problems. I am also very tolerant of people and don't snap quickly, this will help new people who are very questioning or annoying in general. A lot of people say this sever needs more active staff, and that's where I come in. As a very active user, I feel I could fill in when other staff are not on. Most importantly is my knowledge of the server, I know this server like the back of my hand, and am able to help users with my knowledge. I love this server but it needs improvements and I hope to be an improvement to make the server I love better for everyone. I hate the feeling of being hopeless when a mass rdmer is on and all I can do is demote them, that is the main reason why I so badly want to join the staff and rid this sever of rule breakers, minges, and others who cause problems on this server.
I sincerely hope that this is enough to convince you that I am worthy of this position as a member of staff on Rp Land.

What admins are usually on when you are on the server?:
KN1N3, and Frostdraw

Quick Test  -  (Only 1 answer can be correct)
(example - Answer: I pick Question #3)

Question #1.
You get a report of somebody rdming
1. You look at logs & see multiple killings from the same person, you then proceed to ban/kick them without taking a sit
2. You bring both the person who made the report & the reported person to a sit & try to resolve the issue with logs, talking to them, or any kind of visual legit evidence of the reported offence.
3. You hear a bunch of people saying that a specific person is breaking the rules, you then proceed to ban/kick them without talking to them or taking a sit
Answer: 2

Question #2.
You see somebody prop blocking somebodys house
1. You bring the person who is prop blocking the persons house, and tell them to remove their prop or else they will get warned / jailed
2. You immediately just kick or ban the person prop blocking
Answer: 1

Question #3.
You get raided while basing as a meth cook, but you don't see a advert raid and you get killed / raided
1. You look at logs & see who raided you, you then proceed to ban/kick them without warning or taking a sit
2. You bring the person who raided and forgot to advert, and you notify them their wasnt a advert & warn / jail them
Answer:  2

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Re: h_ghay's admin application.
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2018, 03:07:37 PM »
is supposed to say staff but I put admin because I was tired

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Re: h_ghay's admin application.
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2018, 08:44:54 AM »
h_ghay is a great guy to play with, hes chill and nice.

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Re: h_ghay's admin application.
« Reply #3 on: October 04, 2018, 11:40:15 PM »

Unfortunately you do not meet the age requirement