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Thor0619's ban appeal
« on: January 20, 2019, 08:45:37 PM »
Which Server is this for? DarkRP
Hours on Server? Around 197
Name of the Staff that banned you: It was hoot but i think he changed his name to mister? im not sure i havent been here for a while:/
Your Steam Name: Thor0619
Your in-game name: Thor0619
Your Steam Profile/SteamID:
How long were you banned for?: Permanently
Why were you banned?: Mass explosive rdm
Why should you be unbanned?: Okay so a couple of moths ago i was on the darkrp server as a meth cook. i was outside of my base and bought a gas canister which i probably should have just done inside but yeah. a random kid with like 1 hour on the server came up and shot the gas canister becasue he thought it would be funny and it killed both of us plus the several people around my base. me and this kid both got banned for mass explosive rdm even though it was never my intent to blow everyone up. I would like to be unbanned because i want to play with my friends on this server again and continue to meet new people and have fun. ive put a lot of time and money into this server and was gonna buy a custom class, but this ended up happening. it was all a huge misunderstanding because everyone thought i was helping this guy rdm people. i would appreciate it if i could be unbanned or even have my ban not be permanent. thank you for listening. i have been banned for colse to half a year at this point and it would be nice to get back on the server