Author Topic: Ethan's (maybe) Triumphant (possible) Return to the Staff Team!  (Read 614 times)

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Are you VIP?: Yes, VIP Gold.

RP Name: Ethan

Steam Name: Ethan

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:52522849

Age: 17

Hours Played on Gmod: 5,453

Hours Played on Server: 250ish (not too sure because server hasn't been up)

In at least 300 words, why should we allow you to join? (we check wordcount)
So, i've been watching RPLand grow for the past few years; as a player, vip gold, moderator, admin, and senior admin. Now, word on the street is that the server is coming back. I can't even begin to explain how long i've been waiting for the announcement, and I would like to be there on server launch; assisting with keeping everything in order and running smooth. I believe the key to a successful server is good moderation and making a good impression (believe me, I know you don't need advice about running a server). I'm looking at the new RPLand as a fresh start; leaving the past behind and making a server that is enjoyable for everyone (not that it wasn't enjoyable before). With that said, here are the (general) reasons that I should be allowed to join the staff team!
* Maturity * I love to have a bit of good fun, but I know when duty calls. Staff duties should always come before roleplay. I know when to enfore rules; but also to always be kind and passionate, as people don't always know they are breaking rules.
* Experience * I have had tons of experience moderating/administrating servers, being a mod, admin, and senior admin just here. I have owned a server myself, which had a moderate player base of about 20 players. I know everything I need to know as a staff member, (ULX, aWarn, Rules, Punishments, Logs, (I even know how to use the whitelist system, not that I will ever need to know), which I think gives me an advantage over other applicants. I have played A LOT of Garry's Mod in the past few years, and I've been through a lot of different communities. I can handle dealing with many common and uncommon staff situations properly.
*Activity* I can be very active on the server, and when I can't be on the server, I'll be on the forums. I am currently a high school senior, so I will have to work within my school schedule to be on the server. I believe that I will be able to be active for around 3-4 hours on weekdays (non-summer) on the server and forums (alot more in summer), and around 4-5 hours on weekends.  In this time, I would spend roleplaying, and also constantly being on duty; ready to help.

In at least 250 words, why do you qualify for this position?
I qualify for this position because I am very nice, mature, and friendly. I also have previous experience on the staff team before I decided to leave. I love to help people out, and I know my way around commands. I will make sure to respond to as many reports as possible, and distribute the nessecary punishments. I hate people who come on the server to minge, mass rdm, mass rda, because I feel as though it ruins other people's experience on the server. I have already read the staff guidelines, and striking system, and I have also re-read the server rules. I am very happy to be a part of the server, and I will do my best to help out, even if my staff application gets denied. I've got tons of expirence with ULX, and I know all the needed commands (noclip, freeze, bring, kick, ban, jailtp, return, jail, unjail, teleport), And I also know my way around aWarn. I know how to warn people, and also how to check their past offenses using the warn system. I am always willing to help out, wether it be on the forums, in-game. I prefer to type, but I will use my mic when I am dealing with staff situations. I am willing to be on the server when needed, and I'm also willing to dedicate a great amount of time to the server. I am trained to deal with so many different scenarios, such as DoS/DDoS threats, racism, rda/rdm, staff/player disrespect, harassment, mic/chat spam, crashing server, and tons more. That is why I believe that I am qualified to be staff on the RPLand community. 
What admins are usually on when you are on the server?:
Well, since the server isn't up yet, i'm going to just say Mister.
Admission Test  -  (Only 1 answer can be correct)
(example - Answer: I pick Question #3)
Question #1.
You get a report of somebody rdming
1. You look at logs & see multiple killings from the same person, you then proceed to ban/kick them without taking a sit
2. You bring both the person who made the report & the reported person to a sit & try to resolve the issue with logs, talking to them or any kind of visual legit evidence of the reported offense.
3. You hear a bunch of people saying that a specific person is breaking the rules, you then proceed to ban/kick them without talking to them or taking a sit
Answer: #2, you should ALWAYS get both sides of the situation before making a decision.

Question #2.

You see somebody prop blocking somebody's house
1. You bring the person who is prop blocking the person's house and tell them to remove their prop or else they will get warned/jailed
2. You immediately just kick or ban the person prop blocking
Answer: #1, give the person a chance to stop before immediately punishing them.

Question #3.

You get raided while basing as a meth cook, but you don't see an advert raid and you get killed/raided
1. You look at logs & see who raided you, you then proceed to ban/kick them without warning or taking a sit
2. You bring the person who raided and forgot to advert, and you notify them there wasn't an advert & warn/jail them
Answer: #2, you should take a sit 99.99% of the time in any situation before making a decision.
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Re: Ethan's Possible (Re-Return) (Again) to the Staff Team!
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Back in the 4 times of Ethan being staff, he was fun, fast, and efficient.
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Re: Ethan's Possible (Re-Return) (Again) to the Staff Team!
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Ethan is a Kind and helpful person, but knows his shit and gets what needs to be done. Staff like him will be needed.


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Re: Ethan's Possible (Re-Return) (Again) to the Staff Team!
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+1 always seemed nice

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Re: Ethan's (maybe) Triumphant (possible) Return to the Staff Team!
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Re: Ethan's (maybe) Triumphant (possible) Return to the Staff Team!
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2019, 05:04:48 PM »
Welcome to the RPLand Staff Team!
We are glad to have you apart of our community!
Contact me in-game for your rank!