Author Topic: Rosh's Wishful Return To staff  (Read 420 times)

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Rosh's Wishful Return To staff
« on: July 11, 2019, 12:59:46 PM »
Are you VIP?: Yes

RP Name: oORoshOo or Rosh

Steam Name: oORoshOo


Age: 18

Hours Played on Gmod: 800

Hours Played on Server: Ive Been on and off the server for roughly 2 years, I have alot of server time on there overall but since the server is down no time is on it.

In at least 300 words, why should we allow you to join? (we check wordcount) I Have Alot of Administrative experience, Have been Up to Senior Admin on this server, I put dedication behind the work, I like to interact with people of all sorts, good and bad. Maintain a community, Keep the server From going into total anarchy, restoring order. Its finally Summer So i got alot of time to be able to be on and take sits, or watch, or provide any assistance of any sort. I feel if this server is truly reopening I'd Like to be there on launch and be able to do more then just a VIP gold vote kicking. Id like to minimize chaos and provide for newcomers and OG's and help the server adjust back into action. Id love to put my time into this server, Like I have Before, sometimes life gets in my way but Ive come to realize I need to just announce it or provide owner with absence reasons before im absent. Once in game I try my best to be the best, familiarize myself with the players who are usually on alot, and the players who may just be on occasionally, and even brand new players. Know the playerbase get an Idea of what goes on and who does what. I want to Provide for a server in need, I want to be able to say yea, I helped that, or them, It overall makes me feel like a better player, assisting in anything. This server gives me a huge oppurtunity to not alone interact with different unique players but to Help and provide wanted information, and get rid of trolls and dmers just trying to ruin a good players day for their own entertainment. Id Put full dedication into such a server and I feel this is why i should be allowed to join.

In at least 250 words, why do you qualify for this position? Reasons Why I qualify for this postition are also somewhat listed above, These reasons are, I have dedication, Can be Serious and focused, but also have a humor side to give to those who need it, I have Alot Alot Alot of experience with ULX commands, How to use them, when to use them. I know the Rules well of Staff, I have an overall knowledge and maturity to the situations you can encounter as being staff, Im not an easily stressed person, and don't find a point in abuse when your job is to provide. I Feel that With this qualifications I can be more then just a staff member but someone who cares about the server just as much as the owner, someone who has been waiting to see this server rise back up to the way it once was when it was up. Now Hopefully is the server is truly returning as one of an older OG id like to be there for that and help all those joining back also. I love this server, always will, I'd Gladly put time and effort into it without a single complaint if given the chance. I have passion behind this server and I feel thats a major qualification, passion to be better and everything else with it. i know im not the best staff member there ever was, but i want to be remember as one of the better ones. If given the opportunity, I will make sure not to disappoint anyone, and prove what I can be as a staff member. Effective.

What admins are usually on when you are on the server?: Well since the server is down and is possibly coming back up, guess just mister.

Quick Test  -  (Only 1 answer can be correct)
(example - Answer: I pick Question #3)

Question #1.
You get a report of somebody rdming
1. You look at logs & see multiple killings from the same person, you then proceed to ban/kick them without taking a sit
2. You bring both the person who made the report & the reported person to a sit & try to resolve the issue with logs, talking to them, or any kind of visual legit evidence of the reported offence.
3. You hear a bunch of people saying that a specific person is breaking the rules, you then proceed to ban/kick them without talking to them or taking a sit
Answer: #2 Bringing both parties to the sit helps with detail verification, possible lies, and an overall explanation of the story behind the report and logs and killings etc, Then Providing you the obligation of a kick/ban once you got to the bottom of the report. If you proceed to ban without a sit, you miss out on obvious explanations like a raid or a group of people tried to rdm the single person. Can Result in banning of innocence.

Question #2.
You see somebody prop blocking somebodys house
1. You bring the person who is prop blocking the persons house, and tell them to remove their prop or else they will get warned / jailed
2. You immediately just kick or ban the person prop blocking
Answer: #1 You give them the opportunity to do right, if they choose to continue to ignore or do wrong this player is being toxic and will be punished accordingly.

Question #3.
You get raided while basing as a meth cook, but you don't see a advert raid and you get killed / raided
1. You look at logs & see who raided you, you then proceed to ban/kick them without warning or taking a sit
2. You bring the person who raided and forgot to advert, and you notify them their wasnt a advert & warn / jail them
Answer: #2 this could have been a mistake on their part or arrogance to ignore doing so, a warn or jail teaches them to not do it again, or be more aware.

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Re: Rosh's Possible Re-Re-Return To staff
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2019, 01:01:31 PM »
Rosh did really well in his sits and the way he took them, his personality is a main factor to this.
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Re: Rosh's Wishful Return To staff
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2019, 09:35:43 PM »

Its a yes from me.

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Re: Rosh's Wishful Return To staff
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2019, 05:04:43 PM »
Welcome to the RPLand Staff Team!
We are glad to have you apart of our community!
Contact me in-game for your rank!