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MTPF Back in Commission
« on: July 19, 2019, 04:40:05 PM »
MTPF(Metropolitan Tactical Paramilitary Forces) is an specialized group meant to bring PD role-play to a whole new level and to enhance the realism and the cooperation of everyone who enjoys playing a PD role. The benefits of joining include but are not limited to: better means of communication, brotherhood, a set government ideal called: Stratocracy; a government ruled by the military's higher ups, individual units where each one affects how you play, specialization divisions (Support/Medic, Recon, Vanguard, etc), as well as task forces that you can create for you and your buddies as long as you're the specific rank. Also this specific group's intent is to bring military role-play into darkrp with most, if not some of the things that you'd see on a militaryrp server such at the rankings, required respect, training, NATO alphabet, morse, as well as the upcoming lore that will be made for the respected groups. Those were just some of the things you'd see coming across our group, if you're interested feel free to let me know.

We are looking for committed players with a general understanding of a MilitaryRP play style and with the basic capabilities of listening to others and following what higher ups say no matter what the consequences may be(excluding when the orders are against server rules). Although innovation, creativity, and overall knowledge of the server is also traits that we are looking for, for example, the mechanics, building skill, their ability to quickly come up with new ideas and strategies when in combat situations, rules, and the player base. Another type of players we would like to have are: people who are generally friendly, charismatic, calm in any situation, but also allow the full potential of role-play to bloom out to fulfill their character and role in times where it is needed.
If you are interested, please message [RPL] Lieutenant General Lima 6 on Steam, PM me on this acc, or on discord @Lieutenant General Haylen J.#3087.

Units Available: Blackhawk (Active), Wolfpack (Active), Firefox (Pending Force Commander)

- MTPF Unit: Blackhawk Lieutenant General Haylen Jager

(Serve the Order, Guide the Order, Pledge the Order, and may Medusa guide us all)
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